Monday, August 8, 2016

How to choose a Stall Bar?

                                   HOW TO CHOOSE OUR STALL BAR

Things to consider when choosing a Stall Bar:

1.What height and width to choose for the stall bar?

If you’re 5’11” (180 cm) tall, a 6’7” (200 cm) Stall Bar would be too short for you as some exercises require full extension of the arms above the head.
So to determine the stall bar height that would work for you measure your height with the arms raised (see sketch below). The stall bar height should be over what you just measured.
For ex: if you’re 6’ (183 cm) tall you should consider buying a 7’10” (240 cm) stall bar. 

2. What material should I choose?

Note: All our stall bars, regardless the material, are TÜV certified.

These are the materials and shapes available:
- laminated spruce sides and beech bars (codes….
 (codes 253-8,253,221,221 Reha , 262 216 250 )
-laminated beech sides and beech bars
 (codes 253 Reha , 221 -F , F- Reha - 221 , F - 216 , 280 )
-laminated oak sides and oak bars
 (codes 221 -E , 279 279 -R )
-stall bars made ​​entirely of metal ( Metal - codes 221 , 221 , Gladiator , Gladiator 231 - 90

All of these types are resistant to the weight(150 Kg Wood and 200 Kg metal)
The main disadvantage of the laminated spruce is that if you accidentally hit with a hard object , it will leave a mark on it. It doesn’t apply to the beach and oak ones.
Choosing the stall bar material could also depend on the surrounding furniture.

3. Round or oval bars?
It depends on the hand size of the person using the stall bar.
Children or people with smaller hands is better to choose a stall bar with round bars. The persons with bigger hands it is recommended to choose the  oval bars.
4. How do we choose where to mount the stallbar ?
First we need to keep in mind that the wall is weight -resistant.
Secondly it is best to assemble in an area with good lighting .

5.Why choosing a stall bar made out of wood or metal?
Usually those who choose metal stall bars are CrossFit coaches or Body Building or people who have done gymnastics and fitness on metal equipments.
Those who choose a stall bar for home is oriented more towards the wooden ones .

6. Do we choose a stall bar with a space at the top or without the space ?
There are exercises that require a space in the above. (Eg 221,253 codes , etc.)
For example when sitting hang the third bar support the back and the space has is designed to have room for the head .
Medical rehabilitation is useful for the bars to be continuous and only the last bar to stick out. ( 221 EX.codurile Reha , 221 -F- Reha )

7. How we choose the mounting to the wall ?
With metal brackets or strips (ie rectangular pipe to metal ones ) ?
Both are resistant. Is more a matter of taste and depends on the wall that you have available.

8. I have found a stall bar that I like but I would prefer another dimension.
We  produce customized stall bars for any dimension. You need to keep in mind that the width of the simple ones can not exceed 110 cm. If you want wider please select a double stall bar. 
For the metal stall bars there is no limit to the width . 
At the height there is no limit too.
But please consider that when you receive it the stall bar would have to fit in the room where you want to mount it. 
When ordering a stall bar please keep in mind that it needs space for installation on height . 
If your room’s height is 270 cm , do not buy a stall bar of 270 cm height. Leave  always a margin of 3-4 cm . 
Also the distance between bars can be made ​​to your specifications.
9. How the stall bar is mounted on the wall ?
The stall bars are easily mounted on the wall with all the included accessories (screws , dowels , etc. )
At every type of stall bar you will find a mounting video.
Very important : Before you use the stall bar please make a strenght test.
10. Why the stall bars are being delivered disassembled ?
The stall bars are delivered disassembled due to the cost of transport .
But they mount very easy, because the horizontal bars can be screwed in the sidebars .
You can find the mounting video for any stall bar.

Thank you for choosing Artimex Sport stall bars and for any other questions please contact us via email, chat or phone.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Double wall bar installation

The Artimex 211-60 Double training and gymnastic Stall Bar is our largest unit, at 8-'6'' high and extra wide at 6'- 6''! This is a 2 section, full height unit made from pine and beech, with the top bars offset to the front offering additional flexibility for group training and is perfect for the club or gym
Our oval rungs (see video) (1-1/4'' x 1-5/8'') (round rungs 1-3/8'' in request) provide just the right fit to your hand for a strong comfortable grip. Construction is of pine rails with beech wood rungs.
The mounting of bars to both sides of the product is performed by usingwood screws on the back side.
The top rung projecting to hang from.
Top and 3 rd rung offset. (No extra charge if you need the 3 rd rung in line with the rest of the rungs).
Stall Bar include 2 wood slats (mounting boards) 1 19/64 in thickness, for montage on the wall.
Installation hardware included.
Shipped unassembledEasy to assemble.

Stall bars can be installed on stud framing with the supplied slats. Drilling for proper framing location is required.
Weight capacity 550 lbs total.
Warranty 10 years.
Dimensions: 102 x 77 x 6 in (other dimensions on request). 
Ship dimensions: 103 x 6 x 7 in
Ship weight 110 lbs.
See exercises on the wall bars Video 1Video 2
By request we manufacture triple Wall Bars. Customize.
All wood products are lacquered with environmentally friendly water-based lacquers.

Installation video below:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


The  Supergym manufactured by Artimex Sport is a multifunctional Swedish ladder designed to help you perform more then 100 exercises for all muscle groups (deltoids, pectorals, tricepses, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, bicepses, flexors, abdominals, quadriceps, biceps femoris, gluteal muscles etc.).
It is a complex equipment for fitness exercises, covering the whole range of striated muscles, ideal for home use, fitness centers or medical rehabilitation. Being installed on walls, it occupies a small area, while the space required by training could be considerably restricted.
    It includes:
  • Round beech rung which allows at its both ends the attachement of the two steel cables, thus enabling enabling a whole variety of exercises involving back muscles, shoulder, pectoral, abdominal muscles and so on.
  • Abdominal bench. The cushion on the abdominal bench is movable back and forth in horizontal direction (it travels on the 2 aluminium rails mounted on the bench). The abdominal bench could be attached to the Stall Bar(if the Stall Bar is not used, space is saved). When you intend to use the bench for additional gymnastic exercises, you can easily remove from the equipment the movable cushion and place it beside the ladder.
  • The  cables and the 2 pulleys installed on the upper part are calibrated so as to resist to a far bigger tension than that of the weights attached to the equipment. The pulley specifications and their design make possible performing of exercises with wide angles (allow rotation around axis).
  • 20 steel weights (10 on each side). Each one has 4 lb. The weights could beremoved or added, and that's why the Swedish ladder may be used with weights starting from 4 lb up to 88 lb (upon request, the weight number could be increased, due to equipment calibration of required tension).
  • Wall mount fittings
Entirely made of beech wood, the Supergym Sweddish ladder is lacquered with eco lacquer.

Black Magic Set or how we call it The metal power

This beast is made from pure metal and it has been a very well known product for a very long time.

It's quality became better and better year after year, it's in top 4 best selling product of ours and many customers ask us to customize it in their own way.

    The set contains:
Dimensions stall bars: 7'-6'' High.
Waranty 10 years.
Weight capacity 400 lbs.

Below you will find a video from one of our client in Korea that bought this set and he was very satisfied by this unbelievable product where you can make over 50 different exercises.

Who are we? Why should I choose Artimex's products?

Artimex Sport is one of the most important manufacturers for  Sports Custom Products & High Quality Materials 
 Fitness &Body Building
 Medical & Health
 Physical Therapy Equipment 
 Training Aids - ex .Climbing Ropes

We manufacture gymnastics stall bars and benches, gymnastic mats, soccer goals, handball goals, rugby goal posts and other products for individual training and team sports. 

All of our Stall Bars are covered by a full 10 years warranty. The type of gymnastics Stall bars we produce are recommended to be used for rehabilitation or muscle tone maintenance exercises. You will find videos on our Products pages that illustrate the broad range of exercises that can be done on gymnastic Stall Bars. 

Because we design and build all Artimex Sport equipment ourselves and have a reputation for innovation, we are often asked to create custom training equipment to meet very specific needs.
If you need expert advice, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced staff will help bring your ideas to life. 

Prices are subject to change at any time. 

History of wall bars

Gymnastics wall bars (a.k.a. gymnastics ladder) were invented at the beginning of the 19th century by the Swedish teacher Per Henrik Ling, who when suffering from arthritis, realized the therapeutic potential of wall-bars exercise.
With the support of the Swedish king, Ling founded “The Royal Institute for Gymnastics”, where he taught gymnastics as an art, which later became the working system in whole Europe. He later invented the vaulting box.
With the arrival of emigrants in America, the wall bars were quickly adopted in the USA, and are also known as stall bars.
Gymnastics wall bars are a multifunction device, made of lamellar and beech timber.
They can be manufactured in different sizes, from the recovery, for children up to the double, which may have a size of 2.50 x1, 70 m. The parallel bars are made of beech or maple wood and commonly number 7, 14, or 16 pieces.
The top bar is extended further than the other bars to facilitate exercises where the user hangs vertically. The bars are 40 mm thick and oval shape. An incline board or pull-up bar can be attached to the bars.
For spine disorders such as scoliosis, it is advisable to consult an orthopedist before performing any exercises at the wall bars.
The wall bars have many uses and are widely used in gyms and schools. They are used simply for climbing and for coordination skills, particularly in primary school education. They are also used by more advanced gymnasts for resistance training, flexibility training or abdominal exercises. Gymnasts can hang from a higher bar with their back facing the bar and perform abdominal exercises, or hang facing the bar to stretch their back. Wall bars are also useful for parkour training. They provide several different heights to jump to and provide an area to jump off from.